May 8, 2014, 7:00
Spring Concert
Music to Include:

Duke Ellington
Fanfare for the Comman Man
Selections from:
"Gone with the Wind"
"Les Miserables"
"Sound of Music"
"Pirates of the Caribbean"
"Lord of the Dance"
A John Williams Tribute
Take Five
Variations on a Shaker Theme
and more!

Mission Statement

The mission of Symphony on the Square is to draw together musicians from the Marietta, Georgia area to rehearse and perform quality orchestral repertoire for the enjoyment of our audiences and the musical fulfillment of our performers. Our commitment to musical excellence fosters our members' lifelong love of music and our performances seek to enrich the musical life of the community.


Seating in The Strand for our upcoming concert is limited.

Great news! We now have a limited amount of extra tickets and are glad to give them out.

Here's how to get a ticket:

1) Those who had pre-ordered tickets have already picked them up.
If you failed to pick up your tickets, please email us and we will hold any remaining tickets at Will Call on the night of the concert. ("Will Call" is not at the ticket booth of The Strand. Our "Will Call" will be available on the night of the concert only.)

2) If you did not pre-order a ticket but want one,
please send an email to: and we will hold a ticket for you.  We will be able to do this until all the tickets are gone.

3) If you have any questions about the concert,
please contact us at the email address listed in #2 above.

4) Please note that the tickets are only valid from 6:00 until 6:45.
After 6:45 no ticket will be needed and non-ticket holders will be able to enter. The tickets allow you to get choice seating before we open for non-ticket holders.

Concert Program advertising
We will provide advertizing space in this program. If you are interested in having an ad placed in our program (black/white only), please download the attached ad information sheet.
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